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    Default Hi from Georgia, USA


    I'm 35 years old and I've always HATED shaving. Many of the standard reasons here: ingrown hairs, razor burn, less-than-close shaves, and shaving itself being uncomfortable. I recently went over the last 15 or so years of family photographs and in the vast majority of them I'm sporting several days worth of stubble.


    And it's not like I have a heavy beard either!

    This has changed in the last few months. An "old fashioned" barber shop opened near my home and I decided one weekend to treat myself to a haircut and a shave (believe it or not, it was the haircut that was the big deal... I've cut my own hair exclusively since I was 17).

    What a difference!

    After the shave I spent a good deal of time with the barber discussing the entire process. Turns out that just adding a pre-shave oil and high-quality cream made a big difference. Throwing the cartridge away in a timely fashion also helped a lot. I've since added using an eyebrow razor to get right under my nose and the dimple in my chin. I am SO close to getting that same shave the barber gave me! I figure the last difference is the SR so... here I am.

    I ordered a starter set just today and I'm eager to begin.


    Full disclosure: I love pocket knives, so there is obviously some cross-over interest here making me more likely to want a SR than perhaps I would otherwise.

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    Thumbs up Welcome

    Nice to have you here Geoffrey

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    Welcome to SRP. Don't hesitate to ask for help, there is a lot of knowledge here.

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    Welcome to Straight Razor Place!

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