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    Default Introduction and question

    I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a midnight rider, and if you get the reference, I gave my age away. I spent 40 years trying to find myself, and when I did, I turned out to be just like me. Who knew! My Nom du Shave tells you about one of my passions and how I learned to suffer and still smile. I just purchased my first straight razor on ebay. It looks to be in decent shape for what I paid, but I'm not sure what I purchased. I can see you all shaking your heads. I committed a cardinal sin and will whip myself properly. I am hoping someone can help me identify it or point me to where I can get the information. The handle says "Clover Brand" The tang says
    "Red Man" on one side, and "Clover Brand," "Registered," "Germany" on the other with a clover symbol. It doesn't say W.H. Morley and Sons anywhere, but I thought they produced the Clover Brand. Can anyone enlighten me. It would be much appreciated
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