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    Default Hi all...I'm a "to be"

    Hello all! I haven't taken my first straight shave yet. I have a long-time interest, and started reading SRP yesterday.

    Since then, I watched "World of Straight Razor Shaving" and then ordered a Seraphim Gold Dollar and Big Buddy 3" strop.

    I'm an experienced DE shaver who's been setting Gillette and Merkur adjustabled at their highest settings for a while. There's only one place left to go-->Straightsville

    I'm pretty comfortable with DE prep, but haven't used hot towels to date.

    Are hot towels recommended? Any other tips for a guy who'll be taking his first straight shave next week?


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    Default Hi all . . .

    Hello, Codfish:

    Welcome to Straight Razor Place.

    The Gold Dollar faces controversy. I don't own one, so I cannot offer an opinion on it. Having read numerous comments about the razor, however, I have surmised that some shavers find it acceptable, some not, and some think it's worthless junk. You will have to come to your own conclusion after shaving with it.

    Now take your time honing your skill with the straight razor. The double edge and the straight razor share many similarities: keep the pressure low, reduce the beard in passes, and stretch — although the straight razor calls for more stretching than the double edge.

    Also, be mindful of your stropping, as proper stropping is an essential part of shaving with the straight razor.

    The use of hot towel is a choice and not a requirement. I occasionally use it, but most of the time I find I don't need it.

    You will never go wrong with a good brush, soap or cream.


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