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    Default Newbie needs advise - wtb straight razor

    I want to shave with a straight razor and am new to straight razor shaving. I bought a very inexpensive disposable straight razor and I use Wilkinson DE blades that I cut in half. I shaved twice with it and both times I got bad razor burn. After reading the forum here I realize I need to use less pressure and more angle on the blade plus stretch the skin more.

    But reading some of the posts on the forum they say a real straight razor is a better shave, and more comfortable, than using a DE blade disposable cut in half.

    So, I looked at the classifieds here on SRP...but I am overwhelmed as to what to buy being a beginner even though I have read the FAQ "Before You Begin" on SRP.

    I would like to buy a straight razor for beginners plus a strop (and stone?). Can anyone advise me which razor to buy?

    I already bought good shave cream and aftershave (Geo Trumper).

    Thank you in advance.

    a.k.a. Charlie
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    Here you go.

    "Cheap Tools Is Misplaced Economy. Always buy the best and highest grade of razors, hones and strops. Then you are prepared to do the best work."
    - Napoleon LeBlanc, 1895

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