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    Default Intro...finally took the plunge

    Good evening Everyone,

    My name is Josh, I'm 27 and finally took the dive and bought a straight razor. My father has been shaving with a stright razor for as long as i can remember, and i noticed the money he saved, and the close shaves he always prides himself on. I decided i was through wasting almost 15 dollars every other month on disposable heads for a Mach 3 razor that dont give the shave i can appreciate. So, after thinking about it, and talking to friend and family i went out and bought my own straight razor. Now... dont beat me up on this, i purchase a disposable head straight razor made by a company named Persona. Definitely not what i had in mind, but as it was a gift from my wife, i managed with it. the new razor i'm looking at is a Kriegar folding straight razor, i dont have too much on the specs of it. So if anyone has any info as a good, budget friendly idea plaes let me know. I had a good first shave. Attempted a second shave this morning... razor burn from hell. I think the lather wasnt as thick as i needed it. Any tips help. Look forward to talking with you all.

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    Hi Josh and welcome to SRP! First off...don't do it with the Kriegar...they're junk! Check out the wiki here for razors to buy and not to buy...then check out the classifieds for a razor that one of the members here is'll find decent deals and at least you'll know you have a quality razor honed to shave ready by someone who knows and has put that razor to thier face. That will remove any doubt that its the razor causing any problems in your journey in straight shaving. Best of luck!

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