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    Default RAD afflicted newbie from South Africa

    Howdy All,

    My name is Ian. I have RAD, and I'm OK with it. The way I see it, if women can buy untold numbers of handbags and shoes, then men can buy a couple of straight razors and hones. And strops. And soaps. And badger butt brushes (Am I allowed to say that ??).

    I have strop-blunted my new Dovo professionally sharpened by SRD (Sorry guys);
    I have burnt my fingers with ebay specials, near mint shave ready blades with dings and flea bites and I am now ready to follow the expert guidance laid out so thoroughly by the experts on this site.

    Thanks for being there.

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    Hello and Welcome! That's what we're all here help each other out You'll find many great people and lots of info. to help you on your way!

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