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    Default Blade Enthusiast from Canada

    Hi there,

    I'm a new user from Eastern Canada on the good ol' isle of Prince Edward.

    I am a Chef of nine years, an ex knife juggler and thrower, a straight razor user and an all around blade enthusiast.

    I am coming to this site because I love the shave a straight razor gives me and all things from the turn of the century.

    I do have a question to kick things off with;
    How do you disassemble a straight razor without damaging the pieces? If some one could help me out that would be great.

    I am just starting to get into the idea of restoration and do not have a full work shop. I'd like to just restore the pieces that it came with originally, hence the need for them intact.

    The Kidd.

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    Welcome to SRP from a fellow Canadian!

    If you want to get into restorations and the such please check out the Workshop forum. That's where all the experienced masters and hobbiests alike hang out, and you'll be able to get any questions you have answered there.

    PS - hope winter's treating you alright out on the east coast. We're into plus temperatures noin Edmonton, but we got hammered by snow and the cold for like 2 weeks straight....

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    Welcome! Everyone here is ridiculously nice and will answer pretty much any question you can think of.

    to get you started check out this page from the wiki: Restoring a straight razor - Straight Razor Place Wiki

    it'll give you a good idea of the process, there is also a video series of a restore posted by one of the users here. Should be easily found using the search feature.

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