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    Default never had a straight razor shave

    i've never had a straight razor shave, but i have heard good things about them. thought i would look for some information on razors and how to shave. ive been looking on e-bay at some sets that come with a strop n some other stuff but i dont have a clue what is junk and what is worth buying

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    Best advice is to stay away from eBay most is junk and if your not experienced you will probably end up wasting money. If your looking for a set SRD is a great site, if you just want a razor the classified here are great and most of the razors there are shave ready meaning they have been honed properly.

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    Hello and welcome! You've come to the right place if youre looking for info and help! Its all here. Let me start by saying stay away from ebay for your first razor You'll want to start yourself off right and get a razor proffessionally honed from a reputable vendor or even the classifieds here. Feel free to ask any questions and read lots in the WIKI and you'll be off on a great journey

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