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    Default I don't... want... FOP!!

    ...I'm a DapperDan man!!

    Believe it or not, Dan is my real first name, and I've recently taken up the prestigious (and sadly neglected) tradition of straight-razor shaving.

    I'm probably the only high-schooler in this group (I'll try not to be too immature - lololol!), and my skills are extremely primitive. However, I've always had the best luck with the 'learn by doing' method. Of course, this type of trial-and-error learning can be lethal with something as serious as straight-shaving, so I decided to start out with a very simple and VERY DULL straight-razor (made by the Union Razor Company, circa 1960) that is just sharp enough to cut hair.

    My experience thus far has been excruciating, but it has allowed me to develop proper hand-control without lacerating my face. Iím sure this process is extremely crude and laughable to more knowledgeable shavers, but it has worked for me so far. Having said this, I am completely open to any suggestions and advice any of you may have, especially when it comes to practical, hands-on experience Ė which I have none of, nor do I know anybody who does. Also, I would really like to get my razor professionally honed (I'm sure I'd just butcher it, myself) so if you have advice about best companies and such, I'm all-ears.

    I am working with very simple and limited resources. I have an Illinois strop bought via Amazon, used with some effect on the blunt Union razor owned by my late grandfather, who also had a pair of very nice badger-brushes (well-used, but well-made). That and a simple mug is the extent of my shaving arsenal. Itís nothing fancy, but I have lots of time to turn my pathetic lack-of-skill into a slightly less pathetic semi-skill. That, and my resilient healing rate and startling tolerance for pain should make this an interesting and enjoyable experience.

    > DapperDan

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    Welcome! Honing is best accomplished by sending the blade out, via mail, to an experienced straight razor honing professional.

    There are many floating about. You'll get more ideas soon.

    Don't let the High School thing worry you. We have many members that are in your age group. Most are not currently active though.

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    Here is a link to the people on the site that offer their honing services.

    Member Services - Straight Razor Place Classifieds

    Send away get sharp and shave on. Welcome to SRP

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    Like AFDavis11 said we do have some young members. If I remember right there was a kid who joined a year or so ago that was 14 and a straight was what he learned to shave with.

    Now learning to shave with a somewhat sharp razor is probably not a good thing to do. Besides the pain of pulling hair, you will not have a feel for the right amount of pressure to apply with the razor (which is very light especially with a shave ready blade) Overall you will do yourself a huge favor by getting your razor honed.

    Other than that Welcome to SRP. This is the best site to learn everything about straight shaving.

    Oh and it sounds like you have a good setup to start with. You might want to save up some cash and buy another razor (2 is always better than 1) the classified section is a great place to get a vintage shave ready razor at a good price. Also check out the members map for other members in your area and leave your mark

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    Default Hello young man

    Welcome aboard Dan!
    First let me say you are very lucky to have something that belonged to your Grandfather, and that I enjoyed your posting very much. To let you know you have everything you need to get started, a razor, a strop, and a brush..... You don't need all the expensive items you will hear about and see on any of this sites having to do with wet shaving. Not that they are not good products and they are nice to have to improve the experence. But you can get a really nice shave with out them. I remember when I was in my youth I was always in a hurry. Always. this is one thing you must take your time. Think of it as a Spa treatment that you give yourself. It is a time were you slow down clear your mine and only think about what you are doing. when you are done you should be relaxed. I know that I always am. You are correct in not honing your razor yourself. It's not rocket science, and it is not hard to learn. But you can mess up a good razor by not doing it correctly, and you have a good razor! You just wait someone from this group will step up and give you help on getting it taken care of. Not sure were you live but I'm sure someone lives close to you enought to give you help. So good luck and for GODSAKES be careful............JR
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    Better then what I started with :P.

    Hop on the chat once in a while to get real time information, and buy a cheap shave ready razor off the classifieds (can be had for as little as $35 if you look for a while)

    The best advice I can give is don't worry about smoothness- just work on cutting hair. 1 pass is all you need for a shave that makes a cartridge or electric look like bosely. Don't try a whole slew of different creams and soaps just yet. Find something that performs solid and learn to make a good lather with it. Proraso is good and can be had at bath an body works.

    I started with straight razor at 15. 2 years ago. Don't let the old guys scare you. Especially gugi.

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    At first Welcome.
    i would like to say don't be afraid of Sharp blades.
    In fact properly honed blade will cut you less then dull blade.
    Only Remember you don't use pressure while you make your strokes and will be better not make more then 2 strokes in same location.
    Rest you will enjoy straight razor shaving.

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    Welcome to SRP Dan! You're definitely in the right place, I've learned a lot and have met some great guys that have a wealth of knowledge on this forum!

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