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Thread: Hola from NYC

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    Default Hola from NYC

    I am anxiously awaiting my new vintage straight razor which is coming in the mail. I have been shaving with DE for a couple months and tried a shavette and I just couldn't resist the call of the straight anymore. I am still trying to figure out the rest of the components. I have a belt and some pieces of wood, a shamWow-ish majic kitchen towel and some canvas and am hoping to find a way to make those work as strops

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    Welcome to SRP! You have come to the right place. If anyone could make either of those items work as a strop, it would be the guys here, their creativity is second to none. Looking forward to hearing about your progress! Meanwhile, have fun.

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    Welcome MissJames,

    Like you, I started out with a shavette. Finally bought a razor from Straight Razor Designs. After my first shave with a real straight razor, I never looked back. The razor came shave ready and was much smoother that the shavette. I loved it and and now am hooked on straight razors.

    Straight Razor Designs sold me a set which consisted of a professionally honed razor and a strop. I highly recommend that wherever you purchase your first razor you have it professionally honed by the seller or find someone in your area that can do it. It makes all the difference in the world.

    Good luck,


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