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    Have long been weaned from the bad shaves provided by the disposable muti-blade razor nonsense and rummaging online for ever more difficult to find locally quality double-edge safety razor blades and shave soap was constantly popping in on the straight razor sites and my curiosity was piqued. I had been dabbling with a straight razor years ago after I inherited years ago. I never made meaningful progress up the skill curve and not withstanding being well aware of the adage that a "poor craftsman blames his tools" I think the my lack of knowledge on sharpening - pre-internet - made it always a rough process.

    Since then, as a carpenter and furniture maker, I have come to appreciate quality tools and more important after years honing my tool sharpening skills -pun intended - I now know that I was fighting the blade.

    Shaving with a quality safety razor, blades and supplies has for a long time been a simple pleasure and I am hoping to extend it.

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    Hello simplepleasures,

    Your allusion to the internet being helpful is valid. As for SRP, I could have never attempted straight razor shaving without it. This forum has been invaluable to me and I have met many wonderful gentlemen here who have helped me along on that journey as well as others who started out slightly later than I did, one or two of which I've been able to pass along what little knowledge I had their way.

    Welcome to SRP.


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