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    Hello SRP forum,
    I wanted to introduce myself, and thank Lynn, and all of you for the great information found on these forums. I have been a lurker for about 6 months, and took the plunge into straight razor shaving about a month ago. I am 28 yrs old, and have always struggled with contemporary razors. I have tried most razors on the market, and most recently the Fusion. For years, it has been a painful ordeal to shave, lots of tugging (felt like ripping) facial hair, and lots of neck razor burn. I was to the point that I gave up on shaving, and was using electric shears to bring it down to a 5'oclock shadow instead of shaving. Luckily, I am self employed (Screen Printing), with mostly internet customers, so I don't have to stay clean shaven. I have dry, sensitive skin, coarse hair, but not Grizzly Adams full coverage facial hair. I wanted to give traditional straight razor shaving a shot, so after much research, I bought products that I thought would work best for me, but had to skimp on the razor (for now). Currently I am shaving with a cheap straight that I purchased from a local barber shop (Mr. C. Straight Razor *blush), Col Conk. shave soaps, Van der Hagen badger hair brush/mug, Shave Secret preshave oil that I picked up at Wal-Mart, Gillette sensitive skin balm for post shave, and a styptic pencil . I have half a dozen shaves under my belt, am working on my technique, and am highly satisfied with the results. Even the cheap straight razor with replaceable blades makes a night and day difference in the comfort level of shaving. Usually two passes and a few touch up spots with the straight, shaves as smooth as my Fusion. I am still having irritation issues with the neck area, although not near as bad, but I am trying different techniques on the areas that are giving me trouble (neck, jawline, right under nose). I will post a brief synopsis of my routine below, and if I am doing anything way out of whack, please let me know.
    Thanks again,

    -warm towel on face, preshave oil, warm towel, wet brush/make lather, apply lather, first pass with grain, re-lather, second pass cross grain, cold towel on face, styptic pencil, face balm. (skin stretched both passes)

    I am leaning toward the Feather RG non folding for my first quality straight. If anyone has any experience with this razor, reviews would be greatly appreciated.
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