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    My name is Paul I am in Naples Fla Tomorrow I will be in Northern Alabama picking upa a 1960 Koken President tomorrow and found your website so I was hoping to get some input on the value and the general rarity of these pieces. If anyone could please help me that would be great. Normally I collect old movie posters and autographs, but this was a deal to good to pass up and thought you would be the perfect people to ask. Thanks

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    Hello and welcome to SRP!

    Sorry, I know nothing of what a Koken president is so I googled it. Are you talking about a barber's chair? By my quick perusal of the results, there seems to be a few advertised on ebay at the moment and I would suggest your best is to look there for current market value - we do not offer valuations here I'm afraid as it depends on too many variables, some of which you probably don't even know yourself at this point.

    As to rarity, well again I am sorry but I have no clue. By my quick research it appears Koken is/was quite a well known barber's supply company so perhaps the rarity factor is low, but again it really depends on many things.

    Here's an old thread on a Koken razor that may have a little more information in it to help you on your way with your research. Good luck!

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    HI Paul,

    We don't do appraisals or value assessments here. Against the rules for various reasons. Try ebay 'completed items' for Koken President. Closing this thread. If you have any interest in shaving with straight razors welcome and feel free to post.

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