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    Default New member, trying to figure out which straight razor to buy.

    Hi Guys!

    I am sick and tired of buying a new blade for my gilette all most every week. I have a thick beard so a gilette wont even do a good work and the blade on an electric razor is also done in a week.
    I have always wanted to shave my beard with a straight razor, so now its finally time to buy one.
    These are the razors that i have been thinking of buying:

    a new dovo straight razor

    tp | DOVO - Rasiermesser KNOCHEN R nicht rostfrei 2188 | eBay

    or an old C.V. Heljestrand Eskilstuna there seems to be a no.4 and no.32 or no.42 available for all most nothing in the Finnish eBay style site. They seem to be in a good condition but they needs sharpening.
    The no.2 is in the best condition (shiny and sharp). The seller of the no.42 says it is no.42, but it does not say it on the blade. So I attached pictures from it to help me identify it.

    Or should I just buy one from here?
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    Welcome Rambo,
    The first razor seems fine; the second is a beautiful razor & I'm sure shaves fine, but unless you are proficient at honing, the blade style & current shape, may be a bit over your skill level,,,Just my opinion.

    Look at our "Classified" section above & review some beautiful shave ready razors.

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