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    Default Hello from California

    New member from California. I've been wanting to try straight edge shaving for years (maybe 25 or so). I've been a blade nut (not a geek) my whole life. I'm ready to take the plunge. Now I need to read, and learn, and buy a ready to shave kit (razor, strop, hone (maybe)) and have at it.

    I'll be prowling the wiki and classifieds. Thanks in advance for answering all my questions...

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    It's not too hard. I picked up DE and SE at the same time. Just do your homework and expect a few bad shaves and lacerations at first and you will get through. As a noob myself, face prep and lather are the keys... But once you get that "perfect" shave, you will have the disease like everyone else... start saving some RAD money...
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    Welcome to the party!

    When you get your kit go slow. The skill will come in time. Enjoy the journey.

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