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    Hi There,

    Just thought I'd best introduce myself as I've justed started straight razor shaving and I had been researching through this site for a while along with a few others.

    I had been toying with the idea of getting into DE shaving, particulary getting myself a Merkur 34c, for about the last year or so, but as they do things (costs) always come up and I never seemed to get round to getting all the gear and getting started.

    However as I am currently doing Movember I thought now was a good a time as any, however I started looking more and more at straight razors, and it didn't help my sisters husband is a trained barber and started on my case too....

    So before I knew it the first of several parcels came through the post....

    Picked my myself up a new Dovo Bismarck, T&H 1805 cream, T&H Shave oil, Proraso Pre/Post Shave Cream, Alum Block, and a 3" Leather strop.

    I'm also waiting on a brush from Ian Tang's ebay shop having read some positive reviews on here, though tempted to pick up a Kent brush in the non to distant future. I'm also trying to fight the temptation of picking up an TI Spartacus Dreadnought lol

    Any ways, I've had no major mishaps so far, no real cuts to speak of just got to work a bit on getting my technique down and got to work on my stropping. No nicks or cuts on the strop, though I do seem to make it look so awkward and like hard work

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    Welcome to the forum. Looks to me like you are off to a good start too. I know what you mean by stropping being a bit awkward and hard work. At least you have not nicked up your strop like I did. If you do in the future you get to learn strop repair as a bonus. Have fun.

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    Welcome to SRP

    That is a very nice kit you have acquired. With practice & patience you will succeed.

    Do yourself a favor and click on "Settings" above then edit profile and enter your location.
    There are numerous SRP members in the UK and they have Get Togethers occasionally.

    Keep tabs on this forum for future Get Togethers in your area..........

    Get Togethers and Meetings
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    Welcome and hello from Hastings

    Have fun !

    Best regards


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