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    Hey everyone! My names Lamberto but most people know me as Lambo. I am a 29 years old Navy veteran and I have been interested in straight razor shaving ever since I was a little kid. Last year my mother in law purchased an old 78 Triton Soligen for me at a swap meet type deal in Arizona I fell in love with it with some research and some internet advice ended up getting the chance to meet Max Sprecher. I met with him and he shed some knowledge and experience on me while he honed my blade as I watched.It was a great experience. I have been shaving with my Triton for about a year now and I just purchased a beauty of a Wade&Butcher from Scott Hardock which I cannot wait to get my hands on.
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    This is what I shave with now. My 1st straight. If anyone can shed any info or knowledge about this blade it would be appreciated because I don't know much about it all aside that it gets the job done nicely. Thanks for all the wisdom this site has given me so far. Thanks to anyone who reads this.

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    Hi Lambo,

    I can't shed any light on your razor (which is quite lovely) but wanted to say welcome to the forum.

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