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    Default Hello from Sunny British Columbia Canada

    Well seeing that I have been lurking around here for a bit and already posted in the "razors" section I figured that I would introduce myself. My name is Jeff. I am an avid scuba diver and fisherman. I am the father of three teenage boys who are quickly eating me out of house and home. I am very new to the world of wet shaving. I have had two blades that I inherited from my grandfather sitting around for over a decade and I now decided to do something with them. I have sent my blades away to a company in Victoria BC. "The Vintgage edge" I am getting my G.Johnson restored and my King cutter just honed. I now have spent far too much time reading through the posts on this site learning about what to buy and how to shave. I am expecting my blades back early next week so I cant wait for my first shave. Thankfully there is also "The Copper Hat" in the same town so I have suppliers and knowledgeable people near by who can help me out with my first purchases. Thanks to everyone who has posted useful info on this site. I really don't know what I would have done with all the countless hours I have now spend reading through all the info. lol I look forward to seeing where this goes. Cheers Jeff
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    Welcome Jeff!
    You are at the right place! It's great that you have straight razor specialists in BC you can deal with. My advice is if possible, try and see if you can get a hands on tutorial with one of these guys. I am sure this will speed up your learning curve. Enjoy your shaves!

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