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    Default Hey there

    New poster to the forum been lurking about for about 3 months, started shaving with a straight edge about 3 months ago. I love the feel, I love the entire process, I love spending the 30- 40 mins in the bathroom once I get home from work unwinding whipping up the lather. I live an hour outside of DC, I enjoy the outdoors and lots of outdoor activities: Hiking, Walking, Fishing and most importanly golf. I will come home and if it's noce out I will pour a scotch grab then grab a pipe & book and sit outside for 2 hours reading. I am 40 years old however I telnd to act like I am 12 and I like old school stuff you don;t see very often. I have been a pipe smoker for 10 years, I woked a cigar store for many years and bought a pipe for when I wasn't in the mood for a cigar I now only smoke cigars maybe 3 times a year. The thought of shaving with a straight razor just seemed like it was very many, old school and very relaxing but cool or hip. It is very much so I like the smell of Porasco Sandlewood and will whip up a small lather to wash my face even if I am not shaving. Anyways just a few thoughts


    Warrenton, Va

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    Welcome to SRP

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    Welcome aboard Chris

    Sounds like you appreciate the simpler pleasures like many of us here do.

    Glad to have you with us.
    It is just Whisker Whacking
    Relax and Enjoy!

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