This forum section offers a place for members to advertise services they offer, such as honing, restoration, customization, etc.

  • It is open to anyone who is interested to advertise services they would like to offer to other members.
  • There is a fee of $50/year which can be paid by paypal at the "Paid Subscriptions" link in the navigation bar or here. This subscription/fee is recurring by default and future renewals/charges can be canceled with paypal at any time.
  • Members can post the details of what they offer and others can contact them via Private Message for further inquiries and to make arrangements.
  • The advertising members have an increased limit of stored Private Messages to 700.
  • These advertisements should be confined to this section and not be placed in a signature for example.
  • Any disputes that arise should be settled privately between the parties. If there is something that the moderators should be aware of, please contact one of them in a Private Message.