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Aunty Jimbo - Agony Aunt for Straightrazor Users

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by , 01-10-2014 at 09:40 PM (33046 Views)
My Aunty Jimbo has, on and off, made some appearances here and there offering sound, sober, thoughtful, and caring advice to the many troubled or simply baffled forum members. She has recently returned, refreshed and revived, from an APT European river cruise, and has once again offered her services to the forum. So without any further ado, take it away Aunty Jimbo!

Hello poppets! As my nephew Jimbo said, I'm just back from a river cruise of Europe where I had many nautical adventures! Quite different to ocean cruising experiences where I hear there's sea men everywhere. I, on the other hand, saw rather a lot of my butler, Reginald. I don't think there was a lot of "sea man" in Reginald to be perfectly frank. Ill-natured fellow, always dropping around to announce the tea, or dinner and so on in a very unpleasant way. I was a bit taken aback by his testy calls initially, but I got used to them as time went on. We even shared a glass of vintage Bordeaux on the last evening of the cruise - there's nothing like a full-bodied '69 on the cabin balcony during sunset, don't you think?

Well, enough chit chat! Let's get down to business.

"Probed" in Kansas writes:
Dear Aunty Jimbo, please help! I was shaving late one night and I am sure I was abdicated [sic] by aliens!! I woke up next morning in my bed with a burning stinging sensation in my nether regions, cuts all over my face and a pounding headache! What should I do???"

Dear Probed,
My general advice to anyone who sees a spaceman is to park in it, man. Oh haha! Now seriously my very strong suggestions to you are: (1) Do not shave drunk; and (2) Throw away your styptic pencil as I rather suspect it's boldly gone where no man has gone before.

Well that's it for now my poppets! Remember, if you have a question for Aunty Jimbo contact me c/o Jimbo's Blog Comments page! Hooroo!

Aunty Jimbo. xxx
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