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Thread: Attention: Multiple Listing of A Sale Item.

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    Default Attention: Multiple Listing of A Sale Item.

    *Members, Please pay special attention to this update in regards to listing your items.*

    B/S/T Rules updated 7/21/2017

    All items for sale anywhere, including eBay, Etsy, etc: cannot be concurrently posted in the SRP information forums. This is considered as "Extra Advertising" and is against the rules here..

    You can post items in the B/S/T, and have them listed for sale on other sites, but it is against our rules to link to those other sites in your B/S/T ad..

    With the ability to use multiple platforms, including SRP for your sales, comes the problem of multiple buyers, using a BIN (Buy it Now)... Seller's must make sure they have this problem under control by being responsible with closing their sales immediately, or at the least marking them Sale Pending when needed...

    Any items currently posted in any SRP information thread/forum, such as, but not limited to, SOTD/HOTD/ Custom builds and restorations etc: cannot be posted in the B/S/T sections of the forum until 2 weeks have passed. This is considered as "Extra Advertising" and is against the rules here.

    First offense will result in a warning, Second offense will result in a temporary removal B/S/T privileges, third offense will result in a permanent revocation of B/S/T privileges. No refunds of B/S/T fees will be issued upon revocation of privileges due to infringement of the forum rules...

    The Vendor Forum is exempt from these rules:

    Simple overall rule here, if in doubt, if you think there is a hole in the rules and you are going to exploit it, DON'T !!!!

    Please Message a Mod and simply ask first...

    Thank you,
    Moderators & Administrators of Straight Razor Place
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