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Thread: Benchmade Osborne 940-2

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    Default Benchmade Osborne 940-2

    So, I normally carry a knife pocket, i'm not into knives as crazy as I'm into razors, but I'd say it's fair to day i have more than a few. For folding pocket knives I like mostly the Spydercos and Benchmades, but in my humble opinion, the best pocket knife (at least in balance for performance, ergonomics, design, constuction, steel, materials, quality VS price) is the Benchmade Osborne.

    Original 940 was made in green aluminum scales now it's made on some other options of steels and handle materials. I have a couple and for some reason it has been lately the one i find using the most. Recently i decided to go for a 940-1 ($280), so this 940-2 (the less used) has to go to pay part of the new acquisition.

    Like I said, This one has been used but it's in great confition, i have only stropped it a couple of times and since it's made in S30V it's ewasy to get it back to super sharp and keep the edge a long time, Scales are G10, osck mecanism is super smooth (really if you have never used one of this you will love the precision smothness and and safety that the axis lock provides), super easy to open and close with singlehand and you will never notice it's in your pocket till you need it.

    I paid for this one $180 just a few months ago, it could be yours today for only $125 shipped to the US (EMS and Fully tracked, ask me if you want to ship somewhere else)

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    honing my mind...

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    GONE, thanks all for looking!

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    honing my mind...

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