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Thread: En intressant artikel från populärhistoria

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    Default En intressant artikel från populärhistoria

    En vän hittade denna artikel om skäggmode och rakning genomtiderna.

    Ett yrke med anor | Populär Historia

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    I love Google translate!!

    A professional dating
    Published April 17, 2015
    With hipsterskäggens entrance on the fashion scene has rakstugorna experienced a renaissance in Sweden. But now is not included bloodletting and amputations in barber mixer tasks.
    That using sharp tools grooming and remove men's facial hair is probably one of the oldest professions. Archaeologists have found 30,000 year old flint shards that probably has been used for just that, and elegantly ornate bronze razors were used, inter alia, ancient Egypt where barberaryrket had high status. The latter applies generally in the civilizations where the beard should be scraped off, while the barber at times a more modest role when full beard becomes fashionable.
    In ancient Greece had beards grow, until Alexander the Great, self clean-shaven, gave orders to his soldiers would do away with his long beard which proved to be troublesome in the melee.
    In Rome introduced barberarkonsten sometime around 290 BC and was refined further by the use of warm water and shaving soap. But when the Emperor Hadrian approximately four hundred years later, let his beard grow to hide their problematic skin, followed subjects his example and barbers were biding their time until Constantine the Great in the 300s again ordered to shave.
    In Europe Middle Ages a fairly facial hairy era, and now it became increasingly common for barbers also engaged in various forms of basic medicine as bloodletting and tooth extraction. It is claimed that the red-white-striped pole which traditionally signals the "barbershop" originated in the blood-stained white cloths hung out to dry outside a barber mixer haunt ...
    the Catholic clergy had originally beards grow, but from the 800s began make use of the barber services to the smooth chins differentiate themselves from both the Greek Orthodox colleagues, and not least the bearded Muslims who were perceived as a major threat.
    The bearded courage prevailed in Europe all the way in the 1600s, but stylish goatee and mustache twisted demanded nevertheless the intervention of professionals who were nimble with scissors and wax. When the bushy allongeperukerna began to break through towards the end of the 1600s it was time for a new era of smooth-shaven chins, which in prin-ciple persisted until the early 1800s, when the beard again became fashionable.

    Actually, it was not until the 1900s that välrakat became the norm for Western men. Golden times for the barber, one would think - but in 1901 sought a certain Mr. Gillette patent for his "safety razor", which made it possible for everyone to be smooth in the face without bloodshed.
    The new invention came well handy during the First World War, when the soldier was a matter of life and death to be clean shaven so that the gas mask could end up tightly. 3.5 million razors and 36 million blades of Gillette's manufacturing was sent to the front - and from now would be a real man to be clean-shaven.
    It is only on this page last millennium as barberaryrket again started to get a boost, as the fashion-conscious men with trendy beard wanted to indulge in the hip luxury of a real old-fashioned razor shaving, as well as professional ans of beard growth.
    Tomas Blom
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    Vilka intressanta arbetsuppgifter barberarna hade

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