I'm wanting to try a new post shave product. Since I've been shaving again (1.5 years) I've been getting occasional pimples. It's like just one every two months or so. I don't know why this is happening and maybe it has been happening for years but having a beard I never noticed. They may have nothing to do with my shaving products. Anyway, the Proraso listed above sounds good because of the aloe and vitamin E. I think I'll try it. How it works for me may be different from other people so there's no telling until I try it. But has anyone used this and what do you think? Personally, I like to find things I like and stick with them. This includes shaving products. This may change over time but now I'm very happy with my shaving routine and products I'm using. With the exception of the post shave. Scent doesn't matter. Actually, I'm not a fan of many fragrances. I do like the Proraso menthol pre-post cream though. Anyway, any thoughts on this aftershave is appreciated.