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Thread: Can't avoid the irritation

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayClem View Post
    It sounds like you getting razor bumps or in-grown hairs from shaving your face to closely. If you shave such that the hair folicules are cut off below skin level, they can turn and start burrowing into your skin with painful results. Due to the bumps, let your beard row out for four days before the next shave. Because you anticipate it will be four days before you shave again, you once again shave too closely.

    I would suggest you shave more frequent, perhaps even daily, but do not try to get a BBS shave. Perhaps only shave a single pass WTG and leave it at that. Do not be concerned with getting a close shave, for now a socially acceptable shave will do. Use the least aggressive razor equipped with the least aggressive blade that will achieve that result. If doing a single pass WTG eliminates the issue, after a few weeks, you might try adding a second XTG to see if you can get a little closer. Avoid ATG passes and buffing as that is likely to be the trigger for your problems.
    This is a great strategy, thanks Ray. I will most definitely give this a try. I see no reason why I can't shave more frequently, provided I'm doing it correctly and not getting razor bumps.

    I'll stick to shaving one area of my face at a time and only WTG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by animalwithin View Post
    I love wet shaving, whether it be with a SE, DE, or a straight razor.

    But for the life of me I can't escape the horrible ordeal of the hair growing back a few days later. What usually follows is the next two days after a shave, as the hair grows back, it pierces the skin which causes a multitude of small, red bumps that are INCREDIBLY uncomfortable and make it seem that I have some sort of skin disorder.

    This does not subside until the hair has grown past the skin and pretty much doesn't allow me to shave for at least four days.

    Razor burn and areas where I went too hard definitely make it worse and if I take great care to shave slowly it helps. Shaving only with the grain also helps but there are always areas that cause me significant irritation, most specifically the neck and areas around my mouth.

    I've accepted the fact that I must have sensitive skin on my face as well as thick facial hair but surely there must be something I can do to help? Shaving every four - five days isn't exactly ideal but it's what I've had to live with.

    Any thoughts/recommendations are welcome.
    I know exactly what you mean. It can happen on my chin just below the angles of the mouth. If I puff my lower lip it really exposes the whiskers which are sticking straight out, clean cut them and it seems like they are growing/pushing through the skin. I stopped doing the puffing and no problems since then.
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