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Thread: Face prep with noxzema cream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Compa View Post
    Good to know.
    I don't think that cream is sold in my country but I have a cousin that goes to the US frequently. I'll ask him for a small bottle of that.. And why not, maybe one of Udderly smooth" too
    Damn auto correct!

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    Used to use Noxzema years ago, but never was a fan of the smell, my bride bought me a tube of Trader Joe’s Honey Mango with Aloe shave cream for a trip years ago. I have been using it in place of Noxzema as a shave prep. About a dime size dollop on a wet face as I get my gear out and strop a razor is all I need.

    Lather over the Trader Joe’s and it lathers up rich and is super slick. A tube last about a year and sells for about $5 in the store. It has almost no sent.
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    I use Noxzema and add a few drops of glycerin... seems to work well.
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    Not too long after this thread started I noticed my skin was becoming very soft. I was also using Thayers two or three times per day.

    I was getting a lot of nicks and irritation. Also, there were actual cuts where before there had been none. I surmised my skin was the issue and not my technique.

    This may have been age related. I am 70 now. Your skin thins with age for many people.

    I quit using Noxema and only apply Thayers once after my shave.

    The problem went away.
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