I've been neglecting my face for the past few days so I'm after my ULTIMATE SHAVE to finally whack the 2mm or so of stubble to a BBS finish. However, I'd like to break from my regular routine of products and get some some suggestions as to what I should choose for my SOTD.

So I was thinking I'd list the products available and others can suggest which I use and what I do with them (keep it clean!). Who knows, this might catch on?

So here goes!


Dovo 5/8 Black Star
Dovo 6/8 (bog standard model)
Thiers Issard 5/8 Silver Steel

Lotions and potions:

TOBS Lavender soap
Trumpers Limes soap
Williams soap (in a mug!)
Trumpers Coconut shaving cream

Proraso Pre/Post
Trumpers Sandalwood skin food
TOBS after shave balm
Neil's Yard Olive leaf moisturiser
Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert after shave balm
Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert E de C and E de T
Distilled Witch Hazel

Of course, plenty of towels and hot/cold water are available and feel free to mix products and use in unusual manners!