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Thread: A few questions

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    Default A few questions

    So I have the Trumpers and T&H sample packs that came with cologne samples.

    I am wondering:

    Is it true that cologne and majority of body products should not be used after a year. I heard that they will not be as good.

    Also how long does the smell on colgone last? I know with perfume it is layered so it can last for a day or two. Also What about body sprays, they are extremely popular here in college.

    How do you choose a sent?

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    I have a couple of bottles of cologne that are 5+ years old that all seem to work out just fine. You should be dandy on shelf life.

    How long a scent lasts is highly dependent on the scent. Unfortunately, Lime is a scent that dissapears really fast. On the other hand, Musk lasts seemingly forever. As far as choosing one, that's all up to you.

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