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Thread: Gilchrist. Not the composer; his dad. Not the painter; his granddad.

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    Thanks for all the positive comments. Reply #30 on this string shows the "as found" condition. Just wanted to remove the rust, reshape the chipped toe, and replace the original scales with exact horn replicas. Lead wedge was still in great shape. Didn't want to do a major restoration so I left some on the patina. Believe this is a keeper.

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    Its a beauty, Austin.!
    Very similar to a Wosty I have.

    Name:  KIMG5311.jpg
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    To date, the highest number I've seen on a Gilchrist is 74.

    I have... Uh. Quite a few of them at this point.

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    All the boxes are Gilchrist boxes. All the razors on the bottom are Gilchrist branded, all the ones on the top are Ramapo.

    A little over half of the Gilchrist razors are not part of the number sequence.

    Here is the oddest of the batch:

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    It's a Number 20, and I don't believe it's been cut down. It was made that way. At the very least, it fits into the scales with only a few millimeters to spare, and came with a similarly sized box. Shown is a Number 40 for scale reference.

    Maybe the 20 was a corn razor, but it doesn't look like any of the corn razors I've seen. Maybe it was to cash in on things like The Mab or DePew's Perfect Razor? No idea!
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