Manufactured early 1900's. Back of blade almost straight with round point and single shoulder. Blade measures approximately 3 X 11/16. On shank "SOLINGEN - MADE IN GERMANY". Jimp's top of shank. Blade cleaned, polished and honed shave ready. Scales sanded and polished with original pins and washers. I believe the scales are natural material, possibly bone.

Light coat of oil for protection on blade. Please look at photos as they are best description.

Honing: One layer of electrical tape on spine. Bevel set on 600 grit diamond hone. Then 6000 water stone and finished on 20,000 Jasper. Then stroped on canvas with diamond paste and then leather and disinfected. A $18.00 VALUE FREE

I personally test shave each razor before final disinfection. Shave ready is different to each person. Factors like light or coarse beard or beard length come into play. I have a heavy beard and test shave every razor on a two day growth. If razor gives a close comfortable shave I call it shave ready. If it does not shave right I re-hone the razor.

Payment due in three days.
Thank you
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