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I was looking at some of those, but some of them are in such bad shape. (One had half the blade broken off, another had an inverted smile).

How would you be able to tell if it has been over sharpened from the pictures?
Perhaps I’m incorrect here, but I believe that the term that bouscie was looking for was instead of ‘over sharpened’ is actually ‘incorrectly honed’. That’s where frowns in the center and toes and heels that are smaller than the center come from on straights!

These are usually easy to see from pictures posted.

Personally I always recommend that until you’ve been into this art for at least 6-8 months or more, stay the hell away from FleaBay!

Take a look at Lynn’s DVDs and he has some excellent guidelines about what to look for and what to avoid!!!

My counsel is to stay with the Classified here at SRP at least until you have more experience with the straights, the terminology and the problems to look for! That will save you much heartache and grief!