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    Default Jung 80's from a retiring Barber

    I recently picked up a pair of Jung 80's from an 80 year old barber who is closing his shop. I really didn't want/need more razors (I really am trying to me more of a user than a collector! I know, I know,...resistance is futile). But, standing in his now-closed shop talking with him, I couldn't help myself. I only paid $35 for the pair and they looked close to usable. I scrubbed 'em up, and honed/stropped the best one to passing HHT pretty easily but haven't shaved with it yet. I was thrilled just to accomplish that! Other than the edge, it's like new. I have the other one close to shave-ready, but I need to work at it a little more.

    The barber hadn't used these for probably about 30 years as he didn't do much shaving and switched to disposables in the 70's. From talking with him, I think he was average or below at keeping his razors sharp which is part of why he switched to disposable bladed razors. He said the old guy he first went in with was the real expert on getting an edge. Still, it was neat to talk with him, hear some barbering tales, and return his razors to use.

    I saw in a couple of old posts that the Jung 80's are pretty good shavers. Anyone have any experiences with them?

    - Dale

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    I had a Jung's 80 come through my hands. I rescaled and sold it though. Honing it was a treat, the thing took a good clean and even edge with little effort. The results off the norton 8k were above par too. I didn't get a chance to shave test it (wish I had), but all other indications led to it being a quality razor.

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