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Thread: Wade and Butcher fever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by velocityboy View Post
    Yesss it does. Thx for the free advertising! I believe we might have already chatted about it Sergeant. Whether you wind up with it or not rest assured there are some pretty awesome W&B blades out there.

    Sorry I didn't find this thread sooner but work has been beating me down. How many full on non stop high speed double shifts is a man expected to work!?!? No matter. Extra work = extra cash to support RAD.

    Outside of the one on the 'bay, here are a couple other W&B' s in my life right now.

    The Mason one will likely be getting a set of horn scales eventually. Just need to clean up the tang a bit first.

    The Old Army Celebrated is going to my cousin as a token of respect for his badassery. Just got it back from having the back face of the blade engraved w his name and rank. Top of class West Point, Airborne Ranger, 2 tours in Afghanistan, graduating Special Forces this month. Prior to him I was the only one of our many cousins to serve so I feel a combination of comradery and awestruck pride in everything he's done. Far surpassed my little E4 and lonely air assault badge. :-)

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    May I ask where you bought this Old Army Celebrated razor?
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