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Thread: Feather dilemma!!?

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    Default Feather dilemma!!?

    Dear friends

    im a proud owner of feather ac dx and feather as-d2.

    Would like to use on daily rotation buy want to take your opinions.

    1- changibg each day the razor will affect the technique? Shoud i use always same razor? Since ac dx is require a good technique

    2- one ac dx blade will last for 11 shaves. in this case i will change it monthly. i dry it after shave and keep away from water and air. Does it harmful for skin(bacteria etc.)

    Thank you

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    Somewhat unusual combination, very aggressive Feather and very forgiving Feather.
    Clearly not "two birds of a Feather" these two.

    Once you are proficient with both techniques, there is nothing wrong with alternating, as long as you keep the differences in aggressiveness in mind.
    I now shave mainly with straights, with a Feather DX when traveling (about three times a month), and once in a while with a DE razor.

    If find new Feather AC blades quite harsh on the first shave, but they become better after the first shaves, so if you put in a new blade in the DX after weeks of Feather AS-D2 shaving you will need to pay attention.

    Unless you have shaved with both for a long time already, I would not shave too long with only one type exclusively, as your technique may get a bit rusty.

    You may also find that your preferred cream/soap for one razor is not necessarily the preferred cream/soap for the other - even though for me my favorites are still my favorites soaps, no matter what the razor.
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    Thank you very much

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