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Thread: boker edleweiss straight razor

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    Default boker edleweiss straight razor

    I am looking at purchasing the 5/8 full hollow boker edelweiss straight razor.
    I've been shaving with the dovo shavette for a while and I like shaving with
    a straight razor. I actually enjoy getting up in morning and going though the routine.
    I have read that starting out with a carbon steel razor and taking care of it
    is demanding however, you put into it what you get out of it. I want to get a
    good strop and possibly a paddle style for this razor. what would be a good one for this razor. will I need oil/honing or lapping compound with it to take care of
    it. and how and when should I use this stuff. What about sanitizers., would are this be recommended.
    also, first time on forum.

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    A good place to start would be to read the SRP Library Straight Razor Place Library - Straight Razor Place Library . It will answer some of your questions and likely prompt more too.

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    Thats a good looking razor for sure. Ive never used a Boker but have heard good things about them. Its amazing when you start using things that make shaving comfortable how fun it can be.

    I have a Ralf Aust thats carbon steel. I had some issues keeping spots off it at first but thanks to the fine folks here I got a lot of good ideas that helped. When I'm done with the razor I rinse it off, just the blade, under the hottest tap water I can get. Dont get the scales wet. I even carefully rub it with my thumb just to get off anything thats left on it. I wipe it off with a dry towel or TP and take a flattened q tip to dry out the scales inside. After that I strop it about 20-30 times on leather just to be sure. I put it away open for the rest of the day to let it dry, that evening I close it up, thats it. I have not seen any spots on it for awhile now. Oiling depends on how often you will use the razor, where you store it and the climate you live in. Being you're in Hi. it may not be a bad idea. I have used mineral oil which works fine.

    As far as a strop I just got a 3in english bridle hanging strop from SRD and its awesome. If its your first strop the paddle may not be a bad way to go because chances are you will cut the strop, I know I did. This way you can replace the leather side. SRD has a paddle strop that Ive had my eye on. With pastes Check out the library on this site it has loads of info about pastes. Ive used green ChromOx paste when the razor starts to pull. A few laps on that followed by leather stropping brings it right back. I hope this helps.


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    Bokers are very good razors. What ever you choose make sure it is shave ready and honed by a professional. Get a good strop and learn how to use it. Wait with honing until you have studied as much of the information here as your brain can absorb. If you buy a new razor at SRD it will come shave ready and your first honing is FREE...........can't beat a deal like that.

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    Bokers are great shavers and should be, they are German!

    Now that said I saw a seller that had some of the Edelweiss with the real bone scales for sale that are no longer going to be made ever again I suppose.

    That was at TSS and I believe there are only a few left!!! Would be real collectors as well as daily users too.
    German blade snob!

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    Boker are great! I have 12 and I'm constantly looking for more. Read up on everything you can here. Watch Youtube vids and if your questions aren't answered, then someone here will help you out. Good luck.

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    Remember Ottochev, This straight is not honed so you would have to hone it or send it out to be honed to shave ready!


    Quote Originally Posted by wayne394 View Post
    Boker are great! I have 12 and I'm constantly looking for more. Read up on everything you can here. Watch Youtube vids and if your questions aren't answered, then someone here will help you out. Good luck.

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    You asked about sanitizing, I assume based on your comments for the purchase of used. Irecommend grabbing a small container of barbicide, its the stuff u usually see barbershops use. It can be had off the web or at sally beauty supply shops etc. Also as for mixing up a batch save yourself some money and just just recycle a glass pickle or spaghetti sauce jar or similar.
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