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Thread: severe rust after 3 days

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    sqzbxr, I wanted to say thanks for this kind offer. I think Im gonna try to restore it myself, though. Id like to learn how its done. Also I currently live in Bolivia (although I am American) and it would be some time before I could get it to you anyway. But many thanks for the offer to help!

    Quote Originally Posted by sqzbxr View Post
    Just looking at the rust pattern makes me fairly certain that some aerosol chemical got on it. Would be very interested in seeing a photo of the other side. One thing I am certain of is that this was not caused by oiling or not oiling the blade, or by water on the blade or cell rot - none of those would cause a rust pattern like that. On the other hand, commercial grade bathroom cleaners are caustic as hell and will do exactly this type of damage to carbon steel in a heartbeat. I will be happy to clean it up for you and rehone it free of charge if you would like. At any rate, I don't believe that there is anything intrinsically wrong or defective with your razor and wish you the best of luck in getting it sorted.

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    DON'T even touch the blade etch. Tape it off and work around it. Or kiss it bye bye. Rust will scrape off with a razor blade saving some time and let you know more what you got underneath. Hope it's not all that bad.
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    Jeeeez man that is crazy for 3 days! I would think two things and the latter being the most likely. 1st- Did not get fully wiped off of water before oiling; or 2- the oil or whatever you used to coat the blade created the reaction < most likely in my book.

    I use mainly Ballistol for my blades. I do use camellia oil from SRD and mainly to do a drop in the hinge area of the razor.

    I get water spots sometimes but they are easily fixed with Flitz metal polish and a Q-tip.

    That is early or appears to be and can be fixed which is the great news!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gr4444 View Post
    Been giving that some thought. I think Im gonna start researching restoration and give it a shot myself. Ill probably go ahead and start looking for another to use while Im restoring so that I don't rush myself. Im thinking maybe hand polishing it a little day by day till I get all the rust and as much of the pits gone as possible then learn how to put an edge on it. Gotta do some research on what restoration entails . . .
    You can take your time on the spine, but you've got some on the bevel as well. I'd suggest you put it on a fine hone and get past the corrosion on the bevel so it doesn't go any further. If you don't have a hone go to an auto parts and get some 1k or 2k sandpaper. Tape the spine with electrical tape and just remove the rust @ the bevel.
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    I guess I owe an apology to whoever the maid was!
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    Leather is not a good place to keep carbon steel, even under the best of circumstances. It will absorb and retain moisture easily. Whenever steel is kept in leather, such as a leather knife sheath, I always make sure that the leather is heavily oiled both inside and out. It will absorb the oil, and will make the leather less able to absorb water. Sorry to hear this happened and I hope it turns out well.

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