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Thread: Newbie Hart Steel review

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    Default Newbie Hart Steel review

    So my new Hart Steel Straight Razor 7/8" Square Cocobolo Arrived today.
    Scored a good deal on this one $179.
    Figured I would write a review from a newbies perspective.
    Box arrived and wow, very nice!
    Unwrap the razor from the Sheathe and packing paper, this guy is a monster( compared to antique razors)
    The heft feels good in the hand.
    Being a perfectionist, I take a closer look.
    This is where I felt a bit let down, razor still has cutting/polishing compound in the grooves and corners.
    No Biggy, just wipe this away.
    Further inspection reveals other marks that don't wipe away.
    This is the point where I felt most disappointing, wanting to use the razor, but thinking I've paid a bit of money for this, quality should be better.
    Took a look at the marks under the scope and they didn't look deep.
    Decided to drag out the Dremel and give it a polish.
    Came up a treat, however still needs a bit of work to be perfect( remove very light scratches)
    Next onto the shave.
    Did some hair tests and blade needs a strop, gave it a good stop and the blade performed better.
    I'm not sure if its the difference between a quarter hollow and a full hollow, but the blades i've honed performed better.
    The shave was good, similar to comming off a good 8k, but nothing on the blades coming off the 16k.
    I'll give the blade a bit of a hone and test again, I'm fairly sure the edge will be better after this.

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    I have 2 Hart Razors, one of the older ones and a newer one, (I also have an artisan one on its way to me soon)

    I like my Hart Razors, I hone myself finish on a 20k, for me the steel does chip a little under a loupe when using the lower grits which is where I then to switch to my natural stones I find it helps.
    But once I'm happy with the edge they shav every well for me.
    Hart Razors and a love or hate em very marmite on this and any forum, some have had little quality issues like you mentioned, but I like the weight and feel and how they shave so I'm happy to use them.

    I hope you get an edge that you like when you rehone.

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    Zimbyzim-Thanks for your review of this big, handsome razor. I'm not a Hart owner, but I love that design and the coco scales.

    (By the way, "Brizzy" is my wife's and my favorite city; her best friend lives in Holland Park-we hope to go back next summer).
    There are many roads to sharp.

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    Nice review. My first straight was a Hart Steel, and it remains one of my favorites. Once it's properly honed, I'm sure that you will be very pleased with it.

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    I have one of the satin finished Hart razors that still show grind marks that go all the way to the bevel. I have made several attempts at honing the razor; none have been successful. Every time I start to a get the edge sharp enough to shave, it starts to break down. The "bargain" price for the razor was no bargain. I certainly hope your experience with your Hart is better than mine.

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    Had 2 of the older versions.
    One was useless because it was twisted.
    The other was sensational but you had to be talented to get it there.

    Nice review.

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