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Thread: Cure for RAD? or at help?.

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    Ha! Anything over two is a collection. But, you really need to rest one. Proven to be true - get two at least.

    Ha, ah! A little variety is a good thing. I should at least try other sizes just to see.

    Ha, ha, ha! Every self respecting man has to have a blade for every day of the week!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha ... I'm getting steal from every country, in every size! I need a Kami too!! Oh and stones! Got to get stones! Hahahahah ... all the way to the poor house surrounded by a sea oh steel!!

    Nothing wrong with collecting. I keep mine in shadow boxes in my den so I can look at them, possibly use one now and again, but generally use the same ones over and over.

    Boredom is the only cure after you have been bitten. It'll come - but you'll have a nice collection!

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    I am sorry to inform you that there is no hope and no cure this debilitating disease. But there is temporary happiness with each delivery then the search again. it's a never ending battle.

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    Sell the ones you don't really like. Keep the good ones for your collection. Buy some razors with the sole intention of selling them. If you you look hard you can find deals on ebay. Its tough to beat RAD and HAD, but hey I have a nice collection of stones and razors. Good luck with your battle.
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    I implemented an 'Antique Store Only' rule a while back.

    Havent bid on an ebay blade in months.

    Gotta get up off my a$$ and go out lookin' for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael70 View Post
    I am not sure about this one!!!! LOL! Over 20 years ago I made custom golf clubs for people when I use to play. I always was trying the next best thing to hit the market and shafts as well. When you tell yourself that making them is cheaper you are really lying to yourself!!!
    I did the exact same thing 35 years ago.

    As far as RAD is concerned, buy razors 'til you run out of money. Then it will stop��
    OOOPS! Pass the styptic please.

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    Making the blade is only a small bit of the cost
    Up front costs
    Grinder - made my own $1300 - excluding hours spent making researching finding bits
    Forge - to forge & heat treat - made my own $300 ( thermos couples & gauges hoses etc ) excluding hour spent making
    Or a Heat treat oven if you don't want forge - not as cheap as the forge
    An anvil of some sort if you do want to forge- make your own post anvil - A couple hundred again

    Steel Stock - how much you got to spend
    Scale stocks - again what you want to spend
    Consumables- gas, oils, belts, polishes, sandpaper - endless as you go
    Time & materials spent making practice RSO's honing your skills - cost of all above plus time & materials until you get it right ( how quick do you learn?)
    Oh yeh then there's that whole honing side cost for rocks, plates etc

    In the long run with multiple builds & sales the some of the cost reduces but until then they are a lot dearer to build
    First blade costs thousands but may get minimal return

    Just the hidden costs you need to think about for it to be cheaper

    how much cheaper is your handmade str8 now?
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    to shave another day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THORandODIN View Post
    I bought 7 straights off E-Bay this month and if I didn't get snipped on 4 of them the damage would have been horrible. BTW, Who has been snipping my Simmons Hardware Klean Kutter razors out from under me?. Sorry my post should say at "Least some help with it"
    7 in one month!?!?!?! gotta a long way to go buddy....that was "Tuesday" for me back in the day.

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    I think I could sell ones I made easier than ones I bought. Have plans to start forging blades in the next year or so! Got just about everything I need to build a gas forge. Finding an anvil won't be to hard, have to get a power hammer, tongs & stuff I can make. 2' X 72" belt grinder will take some money But I now have 2 welders so I may build my own. Need to get a torch set. but that's not a biggie. Find them at farm sales all the time. I have about everything else I might need. Can't wait to get to it!


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    Time is the cure.

    Most likely, eventually you will slow down and perhaps pretty much stop entirely once you've found some you liked and you've been in the game for a few years. For some, it takes longer than others to reach that point.

    Notice I said most likely...
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    Over time and buying many it has slowed a lot. I still have a few that I would really like to find at a really great price. I spend very little time looking in comparison. So I grew that time that has passed is one influence, another is disposable income and available time are other factors. At this point my have far exceeds my needs so I'm good for now. Tomorrow though...

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