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Thread: First tier razors

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    Mastro Livi's, Aust's and my tried and true Gencos

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    Sheffield is of course my preferred choice, while also being a fan of the Spanish razors next, then the Swedes and the Japanese, the German razors IMO tend to be very utilitarian, the "Volkswagen" of razors, great mechanically but totally uninspiring in their feel.

    Although I've had quite a few and still do of the new production razors, to channel the Tier theme, I'd put TI and Revisor in Tier 2, Dovo in Tier 3, and wouldn't and haven't tried any of the other new production line of various makers.

    Customs I won't include, as I think these tend to be very personal in their design, and that's all good as far as I'm concerned....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rami View Post
    What is your tier one straights and why.
    No matter the country of origin, going back maybe 50 years and beyond, just about any vintage razor is going to be a good shaver, the finer the condition the better. Of current razors believe it or not the Theirs-Issard is my favorite. I know that people complain about QC issues but I guess I've just been lucky. Ralf Aust and Revisor are also first rate IME. I don't have experience with other current brands to be able to opine on them.
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    Have a Fili and a Peter Ludwig Schmidt that are my best/favorite shavers - and just never seem to need honing.
    Also like other older Solingens - Kama and Kobar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHAD View Post
    Is that because they are on the same level as the brushes you make ?

    (running for cover) ..........
    Nicely done Jimmy; and he deserved it!
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    I would reject the notion there are tiers in razors unless you want to tier them by price or cosmetics. If it's according to quality as a shaver it's either a razor that shaves good or it doesn't.
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    Default First tier razors

    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    I would reject the notion there are tiers in razors unless you want to tier them by price or cosmetics. If it's according to quality as a shaver it's either a razor that shaves good or it doesn't.
    I would say there would be factors like how easy is it to hone. How long does it maintain an edge. How well ground is it? Build quality? Now I understand these are specific to the actual razor but at least we can get an idea of trends. An iwasaki and zy can both be made to shave, but they are not the same.
    A vintage Bengal and a ralf Aust both have a simple elegant look, how do they compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiqueHoosier View Post
    ...Michael Price San Francisco but then we are talking complete esoteric.
    Michael Price, San Francisco These are rarer than hen's teeth.

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    !! Enjoy the exquisite taste sharpening sharpening taste exquisite smooth. Please taste the taste enough to ride cutlery.

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