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Thread: Love for wedges?

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    When the Germans perfected hollow grinds in the late 19th century the wedge was quickly on its way out. The hollow grinds pretty much took over. Just as the safety razor pretty much took the market from straights for the general public. Unless I'm badly mistaken I think that by the mid 20th century the primary market for straights was pro barbers. Hollows were a lot easier to hone ......... and still are.

    Look at the current catalog of most razor companies, outside of customs, and they are 5/8 round points with 6/8 round points next in the pecking order. Certainly pro barbers are no longer the market for them, and the only thing that has kept straight razor companies viable is the straight razor renaissance of recent years. With all of that said I prefer wedges, half hollows and quarter hollows to full hollows.

    I could see a day where all my FHs are gone and I have nothing but heavier grinds. Once they are honed touching up is no biggie when necessary and I prefer the feel of the shave I get with them.
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    I also like the shave and the way a heavier razor feels in the hand. 1/4 hollow or heavier for me. Now after saying that let me say this. There is a deference between full hollow grinds. I have some that are full hollow that shave like a 1/4 grind and some that feel way to flexible. Now if the angle is right it doesn't matter to the razor . If it's honed right it will shave good. But I find that a little heavier thicker blade is more forgiving. As far as what is more popular now well it may be that the hollow and extra hollow is almost all that you can find unless it comes from someone who makes those special blades. Boker and Dovo and a few more all i've seen is extra hollow. It would be nice to see more 1/4 hollow out there.
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    A wedge or a full hollow will do the job if honed & stopped right so what it all boils down to is personal preference.
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    I pretty much like them All. Some days I like the sound of a full Hollow erasing stubble, others, the no flex of a Wedge going through heavy beard with ease is Happiness.

    After learning some about Honing, and that learned on Old razors, I really appreciate an Razor that Holds an edge, is easy to sharpen and shave with, practical use I guess of a precision ground, Heat treated tool.

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    I really wish Dovo or somebody would produce an affordable, functional round 5/8 wedge... I love my dubl duck Satin Wedge for most of the shave, but I just don't need the typical spike point on most wedges, and prefer the round point of my Dovo Inox for certain areas. Even a round-ish barber's notch would be better than a spike point for me.
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    Mute the tip. Tc
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