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Thread: New razors from the Restored Razor

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    Default New razors from the Restored Razor

    I came across a company from Illinois The Restored Razor. They sell a range of new razors, some restored razors and some other shaving products. I was looking for 7/8 heavier razors and they have their brand Uno by Brandonisio and Bro. They had several models and they looked good. I bought one, a nice 7/8 1/2 hollow, which is part of their range that are in effect custom razors. It was stated as 'shave ready' and the proprietor Mike Brandonisio stressed to me that they were definitely shave ready, hand honed, shave tested. I examined it on arrival and it ticked all the boxes. I shaved with it and was a tremendous shave, it shocked me just how good an edge was on this razor. I was told by the owner they have a honemeister whose work they stand by. From my observations it's dead right. I think they offer honing and restoring of your own razors, They had a sale on these razors, and I paid only $148 USD for it. In fact even prior to shaving with it, it looked a good thing, so I bought a 2nd one. I'm glad I did after seeing the quality of the item.
    For members looking for a custom razor, I'd have a look at these Uno razors. I have quite a few 7/8 from Hart and Thiers Issard, and a 15/16 MoDoSo, and this Uno is the equal of any of them. I'm in Australia and they are happy to ship them here, and mine arrived timely and in good condition. Worth a look gentlemen.
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    there was a thread awhile back, let me see if i can get this to work.....

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