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Thread: My kind of Christmas presents!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutHikerDad View Post
    This might bring TC out of his cave.

    Oh, and those are some beautiful Christmas presents!

    Shhhhhhssss----Name:  Shhhs.jpg
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    Let Sleeping Gorillas lie---

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    I still make wedges from lead. Use fishing sinkers to shape them because they are so malleable. Period correct too, depending on the restore being done.

    Sorry you developed cancer. A scary condition Iím sure.
    Good luck, with your shaves, and your treatments.
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    Don't trash the wedge unless you want something that looks different. Most horn scales have lead wedges. You can clean it up and polish the edges so it sines again.

    Also, wood scales were not really common back then. Usually it is dried out horn scales. Even after leaning this I got a razor I thought might be wood. Turned out it was horn scales that were faded.
    I guess since horn scales could be stamped out they were a lot more cost effective than using wood.


    Sorry to hear about your fight with cancer. I wouldn't call it a Chicken Little moment though. Lots of people think of lead as being hazardous.
    I will say this though. I highly doubt any of the old forges and razor makers were up to OSHA standards!
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    That's why there ARE OSHA standards, because of things like the mad hatter affect. My dad knew a guy years ago that was a painter. He had an employee that wouldn't wear the respirator when he was stripping old paint and got lead poisoning from it. The guy went off the deep end like Sid Barrett. After probably some treatment and a good amount of time he finally came back to normal but it made him basically schizophrenic. I've heard that in ancient Rome In the time and place of the Caesars they used lead water pipes and they think that's why some of the craziness went on with the likes of Nero and Caligula
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