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Thread: Please tell me it doesn't matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5G62 View Post
    I appreciate the sentiments. And I feel the same. But sometimes I do see a nice looking custom.

    It's kind of like if I was driving a pinto and saw a ferrari...
    I’ll let you into a little secret. (Whisper) Customs are in no way better than a vintage razor.

    Check out this thread

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    One thing about an expensive custom or even NOS rarer vintage razor is that you expect them to be perfect. The least little imperfect would drive me nuts. Not so with a decent condition vintage razor, for me at least. This is probably why I have been more disappointed with expensive shave gear than with good middle of the road stuff. It's a matter of expectations.

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    NOS begs the question why... If a razor has hone wear it is probably because it shaved very well.
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    There are ugly razors that shave beautifully. There are beautiful razors that shave ugly. The beautiful razors that shave beautifully are worth a lot to some people.

    PS: Don’t get into jnats.
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    They are spinning lies, I can assure you that the more fancy, magnificent, and mouth watering they are the worse they shave and the more miserable they make the owner. Rest easy my friend, rest easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    lol! That's a monster! Do you use it often?

    Actually used it the other day. Just didn't post a SOTD, with it.

    Its a 10/8ths RigaRazor, in tungsten steel. It feels like the steel, of an old Sheffield. Real smooth...buttery like.

    The 8/8ths Riga, in carbon steel, ain't no joke either. Popped both my earlobes with this one. Gotta watch that toe, it likes to hide in the lather.

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    I agree that looks don't really matter all that much. Okay yeah I can admire a work of art, but I'm all about the shave, for me. I don't have a single custom or what you would call an artisan razor. My most expensive razors are Dovo Bismarcks. Vintage Bismarcks and my own modified Gold Dollars, modified specifically to suit my tastes, are my favorite razors, followed by Dovo and other makers' takes on this great design. Nothing wrong with a thing of beauty if it also shaves well, it just isn't worth the money to me to pay so much extra for a display quality piece.

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    You know what...

    I have had vintage razors that shaved absolutely marvelously. Both fugly and gorgeous ones.
    And I have a modern custom one that I never use because it shaves... MEH

    Well my signature will say the rest
    Beautiful is important, but when all is said and done, you will always be faithful to a good shaver while a bad one may detter you from ever trying again. Judge with your skin, not your eyes.

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    As said, it comes down to personal preference. I get to shave with all sizes, brands and quality of razors, test shaves.

    There is a lot more to a good shaving razor, than just blade size, but blade size can make a difference. I do not like razors wider than 8/8ths they are just too unwieldly. Scales play a big part in how a razor feels in the hand, thickness, scale material and finish all contribute to how a razor performs while honing, stropping, and shaving.

    For me a good 5/8 -6/8 is a preferred width, with thin scales, Ivory or horn. It is the best of both worlds, width, weight, and handling ability. I prefer vintage, just because, Good old things have been good old thing so much longer. And have survived, were cared for, because they were good.

    Makers lavished attention to detail as a matter of course back in the day and craftsman were skilled and dedicated to craft. While there are still craftsman out there turning out quality work, for razors it is not the norm.

    I prefer, vintage Sheffield, from the smaller houses, Japanese and early 1900’s American, Little Valley razors.

    If it is something that you really think you are missing, save some money and shop around. Nice customs often come up in various auction for much less than original price. Usually a few hundred dollars, it is not like buying a vintage sports car, and if it really makes you happy, the cost and the hunt will have been worth it. If not, you could probably sell it for what you invested.

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    Each person likes what fits their hands. Marty likes his for that reason.
    Modine, a big guy, likes 1/2 blades.

    I like 7/8 or 8/8 blades with heavy scales. I have more control and comfort. Having had 10 hand surgeries may be the reason.

    You will gravitate to what feels best.
    If you don't care where you are, you are not lost.

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