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Thread: Silver Steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by fccexpert View Post
    The term "silver steel" is somewhat missleading as there is no silver involved. Silver steel is actually a high carbon specialty tool steel that can be heat hardened to about Rockwell C64. Typically it contains 1% carbon. The "silver" is reference to its appearence as it tends to be somewhat glossy.

    Since it is a hard steal, it may take a bit more time to sharpen than lower carbon steels or stainless steels but it should also stay sharp longer.
    So a silver steel blade is harder than most others?

    Do you have any idea of the hardness or carbon content of steels used in most Solingen razors?

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    I think the old Sheffield Silver Steel is the same as the Silver Steel produced today, since most of it comes from Stubs whose been manufacterering the same steel for a long time.

    Silver Steel is just 1.15% carbon, 0.50% Cr, 0.35% Mn. Can reach up to 66 rc but I don't think the vintage ones are nearly that hard. TI hardens it up to 65 rc. Japanese White Steel is the same thing but without the Cr.

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    Default 1a silberstahl razor

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