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    Default head spinning on what to buy next

    Looking for a razor selection advice

    So far in my rotation I have these shavers

    6/8 hejelstrand frame back
    7/8 W&B wedge
    5/8 Re-scaled wapi
    9/16 re scaled wapi

    I also have a l grelot that I am not sure will hone up for me and a broken dovo

    What would be a good razor purchase. These are mostly antique type razors and something nice and shiny would be perfect. They do not need to be new. But what would you all recommend for my next purchase. Fridours and ducks come to my mind but I am not sure the hollow ground will fit the bill here. I really want to try a fridour but I am timid of the hollow ground. All my razors are wedges and i seem to be doing well with them.

    Second would be a wonderedge. I hear praises of these babies all of the time and have bid on a few but I never win. I guess I am a little on the cheap side when it comes to ebay. These things can get ridiculous high prices.

    A revisor would be a sound purchase I am sure, never tried one but a minty one would be a definite go for me.

    I missed out on the maestro group buy but what about a re-grind? Spendy but I could save the bucks for a couple months and swing one. Would be my first custom razor.

    I don't know much about genco but I have heard good things.
    Maybe a Wacker, or even a TI?

    So many to choose from so little time. Thanks for any tips in advance

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    ahh, 2 very nice choices you have on your plate.

    i'd say, "don't fear the hollow grinds". i like them very much and if you don't have a tremendously tough beard, they should do you just fine.

    perhaps a dubl duck is the right choice for you. it will look nice and shiney(or can if needing refurb). they come in full hollows mostly but you can get thicker grinds here as well if you want that.

    i'd say go for the regular goldenedge which is full hollow. give that kind of razor a shot, you may surprise yourself!


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    I vote with "J" on the Ducks!

    I have a Goldedge,, a Dwarf and a 4/8 Wedge. I don't know about the Wonderedge, though. There seems to be some mixed opinions as to the difference of the steel in the Wonderedge. I think price and condition would come first, but that's just me.

    I'll tell you this, they hone up very easily, and they are wonderful shavers. The Duck, which ever you get, will quickly become your favorite.

    Another thing is that you can pick them up fairly reasonably, IMO. Be sure to look at Ebay in Great Brittan and Canada.

    Good Luck,


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    I would offer that you should consider a Henckels Friodur!

    For what you are looking at for a Duck, you have a lot of options. Not to 'dis the Ducks, but I humbly submit the Friodurs are a better razor, they just don't carry the same cult(ish) following that's driving the prices into the ridiculous!

    Looking at the American steel, I have been very pleased with my Torrey 6/8 Spike. Super shaver and takes an edge quickly. I like my Genco and Morley (the Morley being a PITA to hone due to condition, not steel) but the Torrey is tops. I recently saw a shoulderless 6/8 Torrey on eBay that I wish I hadn't missed.....

    If you find something that needs a new set of scales, I am now set-up to make something to personalize it for you if you'd like! Not tryind to peddle my wares, just letting you know I'd be happy to do it. I have started to lean toward finding a nice blade then tweak it to preference with scales.



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