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    Actually, I'm digging it!

    Regardless of the texture of the board's surface, coating them with epoxy resin would give a solid, smooth finish....

    I need to go rummage thru my junk drawers......



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    Love the look of that razor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
    Oh and one neat trick is that you can smooth edges etc with acetone and a cloth rather then sandpaper - it disolves the board material a little and if you do it right you can polish the edge nicely.
    Quote Originally Posted by hoglahoo View Post
    I didn't know that! I'll have to try the acetone - it doesn't have to be as uncomfortable as it looks then! Not that one's hand spends all that much time in contact with the scales anyway.
    It has been a while since I have done this, but from memory the trick is to use a cloth with a little acetone one it. You want to only partially dissolve the resin and you rub it until the acetone evaporates to get the polished effect.

    You may have to watch out for the glass fibres though. They are generally a woven mat type of material so if you edge is aligned with one of the weaves, you can pull out long threads.

    I guess I should add the warning that you really don't want acetone on your hands and you should do this in a well ventilated space..

    One other thing, the acetone is for polishing, you would probably want to sand it to round the edges quickly...

    Hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffreyt View Post
    Moisture wouldnt be an issue?
    not as long as you don't care if the board works

    I work at the big Texas Instruments campus in North Dallas, and the TI train station here has columns decorated entirely with old PCBs, (components pulled off) and they have done quite well. the sun and the rain have faded and stained them, but I think the weathered look is very cool.

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