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    Default Eagle Brand razors--anybody heard of these?

    I picked one up in an antique shop yesterday: 6/8, spike, blueish celluloid scales w/ a repaired crack--might need a rescale @ some later point. The steel is Solingen and took a very nice edge on my D8E, followed by my Belgian combo.

    Need to remove a few little corrosion spots if I can ever find my Dremel (or MAAS anywhere!), but I think I'll hold onto this thing for a while. Nice shaver.

    EDIT: Woohoo, just noticed I'm a "senior member" now!!

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    Here is a shot of one... I'm selling it on Ebay. It's a very good shaver, although I haven't seen too many of them.
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    I think it is one of those common names so there are probably a few with that name. I know TI makes an Eagle branded razor but of course those aren't made in Germany.
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