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    Quote Originally Posted by blade13 View Post
    my background is not english. I would still like some more opinions on Wacker quality issues, however.
    Well, I *think* these rumors started at B&B with a review by Joel who ranted about his razor. We all know better than to take Joels reviews seriously, he changes his opinion faster than lightning. Well, some of his points may have been okay to note but he didn't even write about trying to exchange the razor or contact the seller...

    I'm active on the German forums and I have yet to read a negative review of a Wacker-razor. And I know Heribert is a stand-up guy who's been in the business for a very long time. If there's an issue with one of the razors, you can be sure it'll be taken care of.

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    I have a couple of Wacker blades and find them to be outstanding shavers. I have not found the QC issues mentioned on another forum.

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    I would say go for it! I own a Wacker ground 7/8 square point and I love it. It's hefty, has an unique grind that has a shoulder but rounds back into the tang, and over all shows great workmanship. If for some reason it doesn't work out for you I bet you will have no problem selling it on BST or the Bay for that matter.

    It can be seen HERE
    Sorry it isn't a more detailed shot.

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    I have one in 7/8 Spanish point and love it. No issues at all, straight blade, even grind, stiff blade. Takes a good edge and shaves very nice. It is in the top 5 of my razors and competes with the Henckels, Dorko, Revisor and bests the Dovo’s in my opinion. And they look like a million. I have no regrets. I thought about getting another but just got several boxes of cigars which put a big dent in the ‘hobby’ money.
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    Thanks for your replies, gentlemen. I am trying to decide between a Wacker 1/4 and Le Grelot 1/4. Pricewise about the same. Maybe I should get both. What the hell, I know I will.

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