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    Default help in identification

    Hey everybody. i have bought a few straight razors in a flee market, please help my identify them. these are actualy the first razors i'v bought. i still havent cleand them and they are all full of grease and patina. im new to straight razor shaving but im slowly geting the hang of it, and its worth the while. its a fasinating field and im glad that i found your forum.

    from top to bottom:
    -a soviet razor witch belongd to my grandfather. i use this razor for shaving. made in 1957.
    -a solingan gottlieb hammesfahr razor. i found a little bit of information about the company but not much. feels like cwality but has a pretty bad nick.
    -a wedg. stamped johnson warranted (?).
    -i have been told it is a womans razor. very thin and narrow. has a stamp of two flamingos on the handle.

    i'd love to recive any information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David B View Post
    has a stamp of two flamingos on the handle.
    That sounds like the "Kissing Cranes" trademark of Robert Klaas of Solingen, Germany.

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